Advantage Plan

The Air Serv Advantage Plan® 


The Benefits That the Aire Serv® Advantage Plan Has to Offer

Our programs offer priority pricing when you need them most, from maintenance to tune-ups. For Aire Serv®, as well as other companies of the Dwyer Group®, you will receive priority service, member discounts and preferred customer service.

Your expensive heating and air conditioning unit should be treated like a car, maintenance and tune-ups play a major role in keeping it functioning properly.


The Aire Serv® Advantage Plan Package


Services Included in the Aire Serv® Advantage Plan: 

  • Priority pricing when you need it most
  • Performance tune-ups and scheduled maintenance
  • Priority service/scheduling and preferred customer service


Tune-Ups and System Maintenance 


Benefits Included:

  • Validate equipment warranties when needed
  • Enjoy discounts with other Dwyer Group® participating plans
  • Reduced equipment breakdowns thanks to minor issue detection.



Other Services


Automatic Drafts

We offer the monthly drafting of a bank account or credit card. You will receive an e-mail notification of the plan initiation at the start of drafting.


Cancellation Policy

You will be given the opportunity to cancel at any time, from your e-mail plan notification or by calling (801) 997-8339.


Account Transfers

Your account may be transferred to another service provider in your area if the current company is unable to service your account for any reason. You can also discontinue your service at any time, as well as cancel your plan.


Investment Protection

There will be no increase in your monthly investment for 12 months if you are on a monthly payment option; amounts are subject to change after the 12 months. You can, however, cancel your plan at any time.


Buying Power

You gain instant Bronze level equivalency with Mr. Rooter®, Mr. Appliance®, Mr. Electric®, and Glass Doctor® if you own an Aire Serv® advantage plan. Aside from this, being an Advantage Plan® member allows you to receive preferred customer status and special discounts at any of the participating locations.


Contact Aire Serv® at (801) 997- 8339 for more information about our Advantage Plans®. We want you to breathe easy!