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No matter what day it is or what time, you can count on our team of licensed AC and heating professionals to offer our Aire Serv® “anytime service” guarantee. We’ll be there to help you with any repairs, because your system breaking down is not what you asked for.


24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Repair Services


A working AC unit is essential when the temperatures start to rise. It helps you stay comfortable during a hot summer’s day; there is no use in having a broken AC unit sit around when you could be using it to beat the heat. There is also no point in racking up a huge energy bill if your unit isn’t working properly.


Some common types of AC failures include:

  • AC not turning on
  • AC unit making weird noises
  • The fan is on, but the compressor won’t work
  • The fan won’t turn on
  • Leaking AC
  • The unit is blowing hot air


Just like no one likes a warm house during the summer, no one wants a cold home in the winter. Making sure your heating system is up and running is the only way to stay warm during the freezing months.


Some Ways to Tell If Your Heating System Needs Work:

  • The burners have been lit but the blower does not turn on
  • Blower won’t turn off
  • The main burner won’t stay lit/ light up
  • Furnace/heater won’t turn on
  • The pilot light is out
  • The heater makes strange sounds/ is too loud
  • The heater is blowing hot air
  • The furnace is leaking water


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Set up an appointment with Aire Serv® by calling our licensed AC and heating repair professionals at (801) 977-8339. We are available anytime for any heating and air services.