How Often Should You Get Your Furnace Inspected?

To keep your furnace running efficiently, it is important to get your furnace inspected once a year. Check out why here:

How to Tell if Your Furnace Is Safe for Winter Use

As the leaves fall off the trees and the temperature drops, you prepare your house for the colder months. You check the roof to be sure there aren’t any loose or missing shingles; you caulk around the windows and doors to help insulate your house; and you clean out theRead More

Your Furnace vs. Cold and Flu Season

It’s finally the greatest time of year — the few weeks when the temperature finally cools down to a perfect 70 degrees. It’s warm enough to go without a jacket, but cool enough that you’re not sweating every moment of the day. Unfortunately, this time of year comes with somethingRead More

How to Create an Energy Efficient Home

The cold months are setting in and you want to be able to turn on your thermostat, but not get an outrageously large bill for it. There are small changes you can make to create a more energy efficient home and save money while still staying warm. Out with theRead More

HVAC Technician

Trust Your HVAC Technician

Some people make a hobby out of tinkering. They like to fix their own cars instead of taking it to a mechanic. They like fixing the plumbing instead of calling a plumber. Literally, if anything in the house breaks they’re there to attempt a fix. There is nothing wrong withRead More

Unique Ways to Get Your Home Smelling Great

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