DIY: Diagnose Your Furnace

It’s a cold winter day and a fresh layer of snow is covering your front yard. You’ve spent the entire day navigating wet roads and experiencing your shoes filling with moisture—what a treat. You just got home from work and all you want is to kick back in your robeRead More

Winter Inversion

You live in Utah, so you know what the inversion is. Check out how you can breath a little easier, even in the inversion.  

Prepare Your Home for Winter

If you have yet to prepare your home for the winter months ahead, start now. Snowstorms and freezing temperatures can have a major impact on the utilities your household relies on if you don’t prepare them correctly. It would be awful if your HVAC unit broke and you were leftRead More

How to Tell If You Need an HVAC Replacement

Your HVAC system is one of the most important things to keep functioning properly during the winter months. As temperatures begin to drop, you want to make sure that your home is nicely warmed up, but oftentimes you’ll be unlucky enough to need an HVAC replacement. When this happens, don’tRead More

Ways to Remember It’s Time to Replace Furnace Filters

Changing the furnace filters regularly is beneficial in many ways. From improving your health to extending the life of your furnace, making this shift can make a world of difference. The air you breathe inside can be five times as polluted as the air you breathe outside. Not replacing theRead More

When to Replace Your Furnace

Do you know when you need to replace your furnace?