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Looking for a reliable AC or heating expert in your area? Call (801) 252-2166 for quality HVAC repair and installation in North Salt Lake.

Why Choose Aire Serv For Your North Salt Lake HVAC Needs

The Best Air Conditioning Services in North Salt Lake

With our hot and dry summers here in North Salt Lake, an efficient air conditioner is essential. If you are experiencing problems with your current system, contact us to schedule an immediate inspection.

Harris Aire Serv offers a range of cooling solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the North Salt Lake area. Whether you need to repair, replace, or tune-up your AC, we have all of your cooling needs covered.

  • AC Repair & Maintenance. Not getting any cool air? Get your AC checked as soon as possible with a quick call to Harris Aire Serv. Our experts will go over the problem and present you with the most accurate solution. The most common causes of AC problems involve frozen coils, loose or faulty components, clogged air filters, or leaking refrigerant.
  • AC Installation & Replacement. If you’re in the market for a new AC, we can help you through the installation or replacement process. Our experts will perform an HVAC load calculation to determine the right equipment size and the type of AC that will best meet your needs. Call now to schedule an assessment for your home or business.

Heating Problems? Contact Your North Salt Lake Furnace and Heat Pump Experts

Enjoy the winter season without hassle by having your furnace or heat pump serviced before temperatures drop below freezing. At Harris Aire Serv we provide annual heating tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections during the spring to get your equipment ready for the colder months ahead. Give us a call to learn more!

  • Furnaces. Having issues with your furnace? Failing to get the warm air you need? Whether the problem is caused by a cracked heat exchanger, faulty pilot light, or blocked air filter, our experts will identify the main cause of your furnace issue and discuss your options for repair.
  • Heat Pumps. Heat pumps are an excellent alternative to standard furnaces or air conditioners. They can heat and cool your home for a fourth of what it would cost to use standard HVAC equipment. Contact us today to schedule quality heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Call Now for Quality HVAC Repair and Installation in North Salt Lake

Harris Aire Serv is committed to delivering top-notch results. Whether you are a new customer or you’ve been working with us for several years, your HVAC problem is our priority.

We believe every home and workplace in North Salt Lake deserves to enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Reach out today and discover why we’ve been the preferred HVAC contractors in your area since 1993!

  • From upfront pricing to solutions tailored to your needs and budget, you can expect hassle-free service from start to finish.

  • Your peace of mind is important to us. Enjoy greater indoor comfort with our worry-free services and solutions.

  • All of our repairs are backed by a two-year guarantee. All installations are also backed by a minimum two-year guarantee on parts and labor.

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