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Air Filtration

Whole-House Air Filtration in Salt Lake & Tooele County

Relieve allergies and breathe easier with whole-home air treatment. Call (801) 252-2166 to schedule air filtration services in Salt Lake or Tooele County.

The air inside our homes is actually much worse (up to five times worse in some cases) than what you’ll find outside. That’s because our homes present a limited area for air to circulate. With various air pollutants and allergens moving throughout your home, it’s easier to be affected by allergies or other respiratory problems.

This is where your HVAC contractor can help. Our experts at Harris Aire Serv offer whole-house air filtration services throughout Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. We can help you assess your indoor air quality needs and provide you with the right filtration equipment to complement your HVAC system.

Give us a call today to discuss your air quality needs and find out if whole-home filtration will benefit your household.

Selecting the Best Air Filtration System for Your Home in Salt Lake or Tooele County

You have several options when it comes to choosing your new air filtration system. Save time on research by contacting our air quality experts for help. We will provide you with the best options based on your particular needs.

  • UV air sanitizers
  • Media air cleaners
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • HEPA air cleaners
  • Energy/heat recovery ventilators

Whether you’re trying to eliminate mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, or other allergens and irritants, our experts are here to help you determine the best solution for your home. We install air filtration equipment from the major manufacturers you know and trust, including Carrier, Goodman, and York.

Whole-Home Filtration vs. Portable Air Purifiers

Many homeowners are already benefiting from portable air filters and purifiers. But many are also wondering if they should make the switch to a whole-house system.

Although portable filters are excellent at helping to control the spread of allergens and irritants inside your property, these units have limited reach. If you have multiple rooms that need to be treated, you will have to purchase several units—which isn’t always cost-effective.

For more efficient coverage and greater convenience, you may want to consider installing a whole-home system.

Whole-house air filtration is an effective solution for customers who suffer from severe allergies or respiratory disease. These systems work in conjunction with your existing HVAC equipment and ductwork, which allows you to enjoy more efficient air quality control.

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Every home deserves to have healthy indoor air. At Harris Aire Serv we are committed to helping our neighbors breathe easy and enjoy total indoor comfort by providing the best air quality services and solutions. Whether you need help eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, or other airborne contaminants, our experts are prepared to deliver the solution you need.

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