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Emergency Service

Emergency Heating & AC Repair in Salt Lake County & Tooele County

Need immediate heating or AC service? Call (801) 252-2166 now for emergency HVAC repairs in Salt Lake or Tooele County.

HVAC problems can often surprise you. But you can’t sit around with a broken AC or furnace for several days.

This is where we come in.

Our experts at Harris Aire Serv are prepared to provide you with emergency service. Whether you’re struggling with heating issues in December or AC trouble in July, we’re here for you around the clock.

You will always be greeted by live help when you contact our office. Call now to discuss your needs and receive emergency HVAC repair or replacement services in Salt Lake County or Tooele County.

24/7 AC Repair and Replacement

Summer temperatures here in Utah can get extremely hot during the day (particularly if you are located at a lower elevation within the valley). This is when you need your AC to work at peak efficiency. But if your system suddenly breaks down in the middle of summer, you can’t wait several days for service.

Fortunately, our experts at Harris Aire Serv are available to provide emergency AC repairs and replacements throughout Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. We understand that cooling problems can develop without warning. That’s why our team is on-call to respond to your AC emergencies no matter the time or day.

Don’t let an AC problem leave you sweating for days. Call our 24/7 team for immediate service.

Furnace Problems in the Winter? Call Now for Emergency Heating Services

Harris Aire Serv provides emergency heating repairs and replacements during the winter. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace or heat pump, don’t hesitate to reach out for prompt service.

Lack of heating can become a serious problem for more sensitive members of your household, particularly the elderly, small children, and pets. Don’t delay in calling for help. Our heating experts are prepared to respond to your call day or night. We’ll have your heating equipment running efficiently as soon as possible!

Why Work With Our Salt Lake and Tooele County HVAC Team?

At Harris Aire Serv we understand how busy you are. When your AC or heating equipment break down, it can throw your schedule off course as you scramble to search for help. Save time by contacting our experts for emergency service.

Our team is committed to providing quality residential and commercial HVAC solutions. Contact us today and discover why we’re the preferred heating and AC contractors in the Salt Lake City metro area.

  • Personal attention from HVAC professionals who take the time to listen to your concerns
  • Comprehensive equipment inspections that reveal the source of the problem
  • Several options available to meet your specific needs and budget
  • Repairs and installations backed by extended two-year guarantees

Regain indoor comfort as quickly as possible with help from your local Salt Lake and Tooele County HVAC experts. Call (801) 252-2166 now for emergency heating and AC repair services.